4 Best Collaboration Tools

Top 4 Collaboration Tools for Business and Teams

On average, how many emails do you send and receive each day with coworkers? And how long does it typically take you to update your team on objectives or progress? You should think about changing your collaboration tools if your responses make you grimace.

Software for team cooperation is expanding. There are many alternatives available thanks to technology, from project management to communication. Every year, new online collaboration tools appear, and those that already exist continue to expand in terms of features and usefulness.


Hive brings together all facets of work in one dashboard and is considered one of the best platforms for online collaboration. Team members can use Hive to collaborate on schedules, manage their to-do lists, share files, and track the latest project progress. Additionally, native chats, email integrations, and collaboration notes help team members keep in touch without leaving the platform. Already powering teams at Starbucks, Comcast, Toyota, and more, Hive is a great alternative for teams of all sizes.

Some Hive Characteristics:

  • Gantt, Kanban, calendar, tabular, and portfolio views are just a few of the flexible project views available.
  • Action cards have the ability to accept comments, sub-actions, dependencies, and attachments.
  • approvals and proofreading
  • More than a thousand connections to applications including Jira, Salesforce, Zoom, and Adobe Photoshop
  • accessible through PC, mobile, and online applications
  • Timesheets and time tracking
  • For measuring project completion and productivity on an individual or team level, Hive Templates Analytics makes it simple to recreate repetitive jobs and projects.

Google Slides

Teams may create, modify, collaborate on, and deliver presentations using Google Slides from any location. The Google Workspace business plan option elevates the standard Google Slides tool to a new level. Teams will have access to more safeguards and controls over presentations with this approach, which will make it even simpler to communicate both internally and outside.

Features of Google Slides include:

  • getting started with ready-made pitches, portfolios and other presentations is easy thanks to templates;
  • you can access documents stored in the cloud anywhere;
  • offline editing and presentation options;
  • the auto-save function protects against loss of work;
  • edit, annotate, and converse in real-time presentations;
  • with a range of permission options, you can share them with anyone (internal or external).


Here’s the explanation for why Slack has recently gained notoriety. One of the most well-liked instant messaging and collaboration solutions for companies of all sizes are this one. Slack unifies all workplace communication on a single platform, with choices for audio, text, and video conversations as well as direct and group communications. These various methods of communication can assist your team in structuring discussions and concentrating on the tasks that are essential to you.

Some Slack features include:

  • channels and groups can be made public or private;
  • you may collaborate with many organizations in one channel with Slack Connect;
  • even when projects or channels have finished, you may search the history;
  • more than 2000 connections to other software and services, such as Hive and Slack;
  • file and document sharing in channels;
  • accessible via the web, desktop, and mobile apps.


ProofHub is an excellent team collaboration tool, loved by more than 85000 teams and companies worldwide. Your project management, teamwork, and communication activities are all brought together by the tool. With its robust capabilities, ProofHub may assist you in communicating, collaborating on files, sharing real-time feedback, and maintaining organization in your business and personal lives. Additionally, ProofHub interacts with widely-used programs that you currently use, allowing you to access everything from one location.

Features of ProofHub include:

  • personalized processes and kanban boards;
  • Gantt charts and project schedules are used for project planning;
  • There are multiple project views including table view, timeline view, board view, and calendar view;
  • a dedicated area for face-to-face conversations;
  • group chat function;
  • share and edit files online;
  • Available as Android and iOS mobile apps and on the web.